Terms And Conditions

Design :

NEEL reserves the right to make minor changes in design without notice.

Cancellation :

Orders accepted by NEEL are not subject to cancellation by customer except with the consent of NEEL and upon terms which will indemnify NEEL against loss or damage occasioned by such cancellation.

Inspection :

Final inspection and acceptance of products must be made at the NEEL plant and shall be conclusive except as regards latent defects. Customer's representatives may inspect at the plant during business hours prior to shipment in such manner as will not interfere with operation.

Engineering and Service :

Upon request, NEEL may provide engineering and/or technical information about its products and their uses and if feasible may provide personnel to assist purchase in effecting field installation and/or field service, or assistance so provided, whether with or without charges, shall be advisory only, and purchaser agrees to hold NEEL harmless from claims for loss from any cause resulting from such advisory or service activity.

Warranty :

THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OF FITNESS. NEEL warrants that all products manufactured by it shall be free of defects in workmanship and material when these products are used within the service and pressure range for which they were manufactured. Such warranty shall be binding upon NEEL for a period of one year from and after shipment of such product. If at any time within such period, it is established to the satisfaction of NEEL that any product manufactured by NEEL was defective at time of shipment, NEEL at its option, shall repair or replace such items F. O.B. place of manufacture or other designated shipping point, or refund the purchase price paid. It is understood that the liability of NEEL shall be limited to such repair or replacement and that NEEL SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF ANY OBJECTS OR FROM ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER. This warranty does not cover deterioration by corrosion, including stress corrosion or aging of non-metallic parts, or any other cause of failure other than defects in workmanship and material. Any parts or equipment which NEEL does not manufacture shall be subject only to the warranties of NEEL's vendors. Unless repairs to, alterations of, or work done on said product by the purchaser shall be specifically authorised in writing by NEEL, any warranty applicable thereto shall become null and void.

Liability Consideration :

Purchaser will indemnify and hold NEEL harmless from all claims including but not limited to subsurface damage and surface damages arising from subsurface damage, including damage to underground mineral pools reservoirs, equipment, deposits, or waste on such deposits, whether owned by purchaser or a third party, resulting from performance of this contract, whether or not due to NEEL's negligence